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  • Bun Forming Machine

Bun Forming Machine

  • It's possible to change filling material rapidly and easily because of easy disassembly of cylinder.Production speed is adjustable.It's easy disassembly to wash every component .And it fits for international sanitary foo...


HM-688 Chinese Meat Bun/Sweet Bun/Bun Forming Machine

Product Specifiction

Our company offers professional Bread Processing Machine, Small Juicy Meat Bun Forming Machine, Dumpling Forming Machine, Forming Machine and Prepared Food Processing Machine with reasonable price, and is widely used for Food Processing Industry.

Machine Dimension: L 3623 x W 680 x H 1769/mm
Machine Weight: 750kg
Product Weight: Meat Bun 30 ~ 150g , Chinese Bun 10 ~ 600g
Capacity: Meat Bun 600 ~ 4000 pcs/per hour , Chinese Bun 600 ~ 12000pcs/hour
Electricity: 3 Phase, 220V, 2.25KW