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  • Hm 777 Multi Purpose Forming Machine

Hm 777 Multi Purpose Forming Machine

  • HM-777 is suitable to produce to produce a wide variety of filled food products, such as Samosa, Pierogi, Patties, Empanada, Ravioli, Curry Puff, Tortellini,Finger Roll, Dumpling , Mini Egg Roll, Noodle, Pasta , Apple Pi...


Forming Mould List

  Shape  Weight     Length    Width         Capacity
Half-Moon 5~180g 15~125mm 10~50mm 1,800~20,000pcs/hr
Triangle 5~100g 40~120mm 50~85mm 3,000~15,000pcs/hr
Square 12~75g 30~125mm 30~45mm 3,000~15,000pcs/hr
Egg Roll 12~250g 30~250mm 35mm 3,000~15,000pcs/hr
Circle 12~50g 30~60mm 30~60mm 5,000~15,000pcs/hr

Multi-Purpose Calzone Forming Machine(Standard Type)

Product Specifiction

Multi-Purpose Calzone Forming Machine is one of our best selling products, featuring its high quality and competitive price. Please feel free to contact us, if you have any need or question.


Machine Dimendion: L 1320 x W 600 x H 1640 mm
Machine Weight: 450kg
Product Weight: 5 ~ 180g
Capacity: 1800 ~ 20000 pcs/hr
Electricity: 5HP 3.75KW